The first update on the fundraising for the Major Church Project comes in form of a letter by the vicar, Rev'd. Neil Paxton, in July 2012:

Dear Friends,

May I begin by thanking everyone who has contributed in any number of ways towards the refurbishment of our Church. We have made very good progress, especially in this time of economic hardship. We have raised entirely by our own efforts and resources over £35,000 of our £100,000 target. Partly because of the economic difficulties I mentioned, grant giving bodies require us to have 1/2 of the funds we need before they will give us grants. Sue Warner has been making a lot of effort to find these grants and made applications. Most are interested in helping, provided we reach the 1/2 way mark at £50,000, as they recognise our efforts to meet local needs.

Now we need another £15,000. We are confident of raising £5000 from hall use and planned activities by the end of the year. So our shortfall seems to be about £10,000.

Many have already given generously. Please do not feel pressured to give again. (If more recent folk do not know about this, please see Penny Alexander (our Treasurer) or me).

We have still have Bag-a-Brick for small donations to remember events happy as well as sad, birthdays and anniversaries of all kinds.

You may also be able to think of different ways of raising funds (that do not only rely on our congregation). In an ideal world you might be able to deliver the idea by yourself or working with friends in or outside the Church. For example you could host a coffee morning at home to raise funds or hold a garage sale etc.

Please keep our project and the life and work of All Saints Church in your prayers and ensure that Our Project is (Y)our project.

God bless you
Fr. Neil +

Generous Donation

On 29th July 2012, the Vicar could announce the generous donation of £1000 from the Indian Orthodox Church to the Major Church Project.