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Wednesday mornings, 10.15 - 11.45 from 22nd February 2017 (to 29th March)


PILGRIM - six sessions to help you on your journey ...

The Eucharist - What does it mean for me?


An exploration in greater depth how Christians know and worship God. Six sessions reveal the reasons why The Eucharist is celebrated as a memorial of Christ's saving passion and stands at the very heart of Christian worship.

  • Session One: Your ancestors ate manna in the wilderness
    Explores worship as communion with God.
  • Session Two: This is my body broken for you
    Considers the Eucharist as the pattern of all Christian worship.
  • Session Three: He was made known to them in the breaking of the bread
    Looks at the intimacy we have with God in Holy Communion and how we are transformed by the encounter.
  • Session Four: If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come and eat with you
    How can worship be seen as a sign and foretaste of heaven?
  • Session Five: Do this to remember me
    Explores how worship shapes our entire lives.
  • Session Six: I am the bread of life
    Considers the notion that the whole of life is sacramental.

For more information contact Rev'd. Neil Paxton on 01702 307518.

Please find more information about the Course for the Christian Journey at its website at

These sessions are Open to All, who feel they want more in life.

The Wednesday sessions will be held in the church. The Thursday sessions will be held in the library. Please enter through vicarage door.

  • Everyone is welcome!
  • There will be refreshments.
  • No Charge will be made - a donation to All Saints Church Refurbishment Project can be made.