"Is this it?" She asked into a quite decimated round of people who dared to come despite the culminating crisis. Our conductor was quite concerned that the group of mainly older choir members would fall apart, as it appeared to be increasingly difficult to gather, after the government's advice to avoid meetings and "unnecessary" contact.

I was more worried about her well-being, since as a freelancer her employers (several choirs) couldn't justify to continue in their normal form, due to the current circumstances.

"This is it?!" I countered, "So why are you not speaking German?" A chuckle came in reply, to which I explored: "If your grandfather had said 'this is it', you'd be speaking German today. - We might have a different cultural background, but the tenacity is what keeps us going.

Just because a little virus with a mustache comes along invading the country, you don't give in and get overrun!

Here's where you demonstrate your will to survival by working together."

Unlike, if someone remembers the B***** word (only up to 3 months ago). Well, it can only get better!!

COVID-19 ... does not stop here ...

Due to the current situation we are unable to hire out
the church hall until further notice

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