... carry out the services that run the Church. Here you can put the faces to the names of people holding offices within the church:

Picture of All Saints Church Team Vicar, The Rev'd. Neil Paxton

All Saints Team Vicar

The Rev'd. Neil Paxton
01702 307518


Picture of the Acting Parish Team Rector, Rev'd. Phil Roberts

Acting Parish Team Rector

Fr. Phil Roberts


Picture of the Pastoral Assistant (for the Parish), Penny Alexander

Pastoral Assistant (for the Parish)

Penny Alexander


Picture of the Evangelist (for the Parish), Cheryl Hall

Evangelist (for the Parish)

Cheryl Hall


Picture of the Pastoral Assistant, Helen

Pastoral Assistant

Helen Rhodes



Picture of the Organist, Trefor Owen


Trefor Owen


Picture of the Church Warden, Lin Silverman

Church Warden

Lin Silverman
07944 329882


Picture of the Church Warden, Andrew Woods

Church Warden

Andrew Woods
01702 308964


Picture of the All Saints Church Fundraising Officer, Kalah Woods

All Saints Fundraising Officer

Kalah Woods
07772 728277


Picture of the webmaster, Stefan Eichenseher


Stefan Eichenseher,


Please find here a list of our elected church representatives for the year 2017/18.