Stephen's Place - From Chaos to Stability & Peace

Since the death of my son Stephen on the streets of Southend, I have been longing to give people, who are in a similar situation as he was, the opportunity to turn their life around ... like nurturing the lamb inside.

Criteria exclude! Therefore my proposal is that people will be able to use Stephen's Place, regardless of their varied backgrounds, illnesses and including addictions to recover and try to become valued members of our community.

Much work has been done so far and we have received amazing support for Stephen's Place. There is still work to be done but we are certain that this project will help many people and give them confidence to look forward to a "peaceful and stable" future.


Stephen's Place - Supported Housing contact details

Stephen's Place will deliver supported accommodation in Southend-on-Sea. This supported accommodation is for the relief of poverty and social exclusion caused by being homeless; we want to support ex-offenders, ex-military, those suffering from poor mental health, those fleeing from modern day slavery and those recovering from the disease called addiction.

The project, Stephen's Place, will provide mentoring, life coaching, gardening, cooking and other life skills such as self-care and raising self-esteem, music and art. We have a team of volunteers who are passionate about these things and who have professional backgrounds in counselling, IT, finance, mental health care, arts and a beekeeper!

Residents will be assisted to care for themselves, be signposted to other organisations as appropriate as well as seeking courses to enable them to reach their maximum potential and employment. By encouragement and nurturing we aim to turn people's lives round from chaos to peace and tranquillity enabling them to facilitate a meaningful place in society.